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HOMICIDE , Tellico Village

Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider announced the arrest of Norman Bren Whitton, age 69, of 225 Cheestana Way, Loudon, for Second Degree Murder resulting from a shooting investigation on April 15, 2010, where Larry Butcher, age 74, of 167 Saligugi Way, Loudon, was shot once in the chest and died from the injuries.

Sheriff Guider advised that on April 15, at approximately 6:20 PM, deputies were dispatched to the intersection of Toqua Road (Hwy. 444) and Cheestana Way in the Tellico Village community in Loudon, TN. Upon arrival, deputies found Mr. Butcher lying behind the vehicle of the suspect and next to his own golf cart, deceased. The Loudon County Criminal Investigation Unit (CID) began investigation of the incident and found that the two persons involved became involved in an argument over the use of the roadway. One witness did hear a horn being blown prior to hearing a gunshot.

Mr. Butcher was shot near the driver’s side of Mr. Whitton’s vehicle. Whitton claimed self-defense, but upon further investigation and after interviewing Whitton, and consultation with District Attorney General Russell Johnson, a second degree murder warrant was then issued for Mr. Whitton.

Sheriff Guider said the entire situation is very tragic, and a difficult one for both families to deal with. The case is still active at this time. He would also like to thank everyone involved in helping with this tragic event.

Released: Friday - April 16, 2010

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