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In an effort to further combat crime in Loudon County, the Loudon County Sheriff’s Department is now using LeadsOnline – an investigative system that enables detectives to search for suspects and stolen property across secondhand stores, scrap metal dealers, pawnshops, and internet (eBay, etc.) drop-off stores both locally and nationwide.

The system equips criminal investigators with the ability to instantly solve crimes and to return goods to their rightful owners. Property can be searched using serial numbers, suspect name, item descriptions, or other information. Most searches are completed within seconds. Often these property crimes are associated with more serious crimes such as fraud, arson, and even homicide.

“This is the largest online investigative system of its kind nationwide. Our investigators are using it to solve crimes ranging from burglaries to homicides by instantly searching for missing items in the transaction records of businesses across the area and the country. We appreciate the support of our local businesses as they work with us to serve our community,” says Sheriff Guider.

Without LeadsOnline, investigators had to undertake a time-consuming process of visiting all the stores in the area, collecting paper tickets and computer diskettes, and manually filing the tickets into a database. Keeping up with the volume of information was costly and overwhelming, and detectives were limited to searching for stolen property within the county. With LeadsOnline, information is automatically collected from businesses each day. Loudon County businesses that accept merchandise from the public throughout the area are now reporting electronically via LeadsOnline.

Released: Tuesday - March 1, 2011

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