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Christopher Ellis Crime Spree

On Thursday, November 20, 2008 the Loudon County Sheriff’s office recovered more evidence from the alleged Christopher Ellis crime spree. This discovery came to light when family members of an Ellis victim scoured a patch of woods for lost property believed to be taken by Ellis. While in the woods in the Bat Creek area, family members did locate some items they recognized that had belonged to Clayton Bowen. They immediately reported their finding to the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the location where Bowen’s family showed them the articles of clothing that had been found. While in the area, Deputy Michael Watkins deployed his K9 partner Denero to do a cursory search for any other evidence that might be in the area. After working for only a few seconds, checking the leaf covered terrain; K9 Denero indicated to Deputy Watkins he had found something. Deputy Watkins removed several inches of leaves from where K9 Denero indicated and he observed the barrel portion of a rifle. The rifle and other evidence were collected by deputies at the scene. The rifle was identified as belonging to Bowen.

The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office continues to work closely with the FBI on the case. Sheriff Tim Guider commends Deputy Michael Watkins and K9 Denero on their continued excellent work on this case; noting on the day of the capture of Ellis, K9 Denero found Ellis’ camp site near where he was captured.

Released: Thursday - November 20, 2008

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